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We pride ourselves on our ability to work across multiple industry sectors and have the facilities to adapt to each bespoke project. From commercial to health, residential to education, or be it a retail space, exhibition or event, we’re confident in our ability to deliver whatever the client needs to the highest standard. And if you’re outside of these sectors, fear not – we’re always looking for the next challenge.


The modern-day office is no longer just somewhere to go to work. With flexible working here to stay, workplaces are increasingly being designed to increase productivity and improve health and wellbeing, while also illustrating company values and brand identity. As a turnkey solution provider of lighting, acoustic and biophilic solutions, the NGA portfolio of products is the perfect fit for commercial office design.

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Curved stretch lightbox - GSO
Decorative lighting HIRA
meeting room with moss wall


Lighting and interior design, together with high-quality materials and products, are often seen as the difference between a house and a home. Whether using stretch ceilings and fibre-optic stars above a swimming pool, a lightbox to illuminate a new car, fabric walls for acoustic treatment in a home cinema or LED strip to subtly illuminate different areas throughout the house, the NGA product portfolio perfectly fits the residential sector.

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Residential Garage lightbox
Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool


Hospitality interiors are designed to be functional but also attractive, so the guests feel at home. ‘Warm’ environments have been proven to positively influence guests on an emotional level by making them more relaxed. This is typically achieved by using subtle, warm lighting, together with good acoustics, to ensure patrons aren’t competing with each other to be heard.

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middle eight leaf ceiling metalwork
Hilton Curio - Restaurant LED Strip


It is more important than ever to design healthcare spaces that incorporate products that not only improve working conditions, but are also easy to clean.

Whilst the whole product portfolio can be used within this sector, NGA’s stretch fabrics in particular are easy to clean and also have antimicrobial properties. When combined with high CRI lighting, available in 6500k, NGA’s stretch fabric lightboxes are the perfect shadowless solution to be used within healthcare environments.

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recovery room
patient room
recovery room


Multiple studies have been conducted on the importance of lighting and acoustics within the education environment, with both impacting a student’s ability to learn and a teacher’s ability to teach.

By using dynamic white artificial lighting to echo patterns of natural daylight, human-centric lighting has been proven to increase productivity and promote health and wellbeing among students.

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University Library
Cloud baffles in auditorium
brasenose boat lightbox


NGA’s cost-effective, stretch-ceiling and lighting solutions also work perfectly in temporary or semi-permanent structures. Reflective ceilings and lightboxes help create stunning feature displays - and with stretch fabrics, it is possible to install thousands of square metres of ceilings and walls in a matter of days. This large volume of recyclable fabric can be transported in a small van, making it a truly sustainable solution.

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Sega RGBW Lightbox


With retail sales increasingly shifting online, it is more important than ever to make the in-store customer experience an exceptional one. Through good-quality lighting, a brand has the ability to enhance products by enriching colours and textures, attract customers through feature lighting and also invoke feelings of intimacy and security. This ultimately results in positively influenced purchasing decisions. Combined with biophilic and acoustic solutions, NGA’s turnkey offering can assist in designing the perfect customer experience.

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Hat stand